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Air-born air bag teaches crash lessons
7 April 2006

Airbag demonstration

SEEING IS BELIEVING: Setting off a vehicle air bag offers different lessons depending on what you study. Students from three UTTC disciplines watched March 23 as Automotive Technology students deployed an air bag commonly found in automobile steering wheels. Photos from left, Jenilee Silk (Standing Rock) hooks up electrical leads; Once contact is made, the bag inflates at a speed up to 200 miles per hour, causing it to jump 25 feet in the air; Thomas Sayers (Red Lake) displays the results. While the automotive students focused on how the vehicle system worked, students from Injury Prevention saw the human safety issues presented by vehicle crashes, and Criminal Justice Program students saw the demonstration from an investigating officer's point of view. The event was arranged by Automotive Technology Instructor Rick Janke, who videotaped it for quick reference. UTN photos Dennis J. Neumann


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