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TJES Tidbits - Shake-Up - Science - Math Smart
12 April 2004
by Carol Melby

Teacher and students

      Saturday Shake-Up was held March 19th at TJES. TJES students created and painted wind chimes, cut and pasted the butterfly life cycle with Mrs. Krabbenhoft, had pizza for lunch and then went to the Fore Seasons Golf Dome to practice hitting golf balls. Many TJES students said that hitting golf balls is more difficult than it looks! Ask our students to tell you about their Saturday Shake-Up activities. The last Saturday Shake-Up is scheduled for April 30. We will be doing various Math & Science Centers at TJES. The students will then be having lunch at McDonald's. Grades 4-8 will be going to Capital Racquet Ball and Fitness Center while grades K-3 will he having fun at the Dakota Zoo. We hope to see you April 30!

Student golfing

      James DuBois attended the National American Indian Science & Engineering Fair on March 23-26 in Albuquerque, New Mexico. There were many awesome displays. While in Albuquerque, James visited the Albuquerque Biological Park, which included the Albuquerque Aquarium, Rio Grande Botanical Garden, Rio Grande Zoo and Tingley Aquatic Park. His favorite was the New Mexico Museum of National History and Science, which included the Dyna Theater and the Lodestar Astronomy Center. The National Atom Museum was also an interesting site. It was the first time James saw a real live shark. The Lodestar Astronomy had a planetarium with a 54 foot screen. It was a very valuable experience. James hopes that more students will be able to attend in the future.

TJES students

      The second grade TJES students attended a Health Fair sponsored by St. Alexius Medical Center on March 31. All Bismarck-Mandan 2nd grade students were invited to attend the Health Fair. TJES students listed to presentations concerning health care, safety, nutrition, and view an ambulance. Students even had the opportunity to touch a snake. Ask us about the field trip.

      On Wednesday, April 6th the TJES students and staff were entertained by Tuey Wilson at the UTTC gym. Some TJES students even assisted him during his performance. Ask our students about what they enjoyed the most.

      Now... How to earn a free lunch and get "math smart" on the side. Students at TJES have a chance to do just exactly that. Each student in grades 1-8 work on story problems in RMC (Reading/Math Center) one time a week for 20-40 minutes, depending on their level. The students work at a level that is comfortable for them - challenging but not too frustrating.

Student with windchime

      Each time they solve a problem correctly, they get a sticker for their chart. Once they reach 20 or 30 problems, dependent upon their level, they get a free pop, candy, juice, water or chips. After they reach the next level, it's two items, the 3rd level is a prize from the prize box (paper, pens, notebooks, outdoor games, etc.) and the 4th level is a free lunch anywhere in town. They usually go in groups of 3 or 4 students with one teacher and the restaurants most chosen include Space Aliens, Pizza Hut, TGIF, Grizzly's, Ground Round, and Tropical Island - it's their choice.

      The students have really learned to set goals, get some extra help in math and enjoy a meal out all in one task. Last year the students at TJES solved over 20,000 problems - most of the substitutes at our school can't believe that the kids are "excited" to do story problems. Some students even work on them after school on Tuesday nights.

Student painting windchime

      If you'd ever like to stop in and "help out" with story problems or just watch these kids attack them, please feel free to call RMC at 1306 and we'll let you know what time your child/children are working on them. In the meantime -- here's one for you to solve. First person to call Ext. 1394 with the correct answer earns a can of pop - we're making it easy on you as they have to do 30 of these to get that pop!

      What percent of the pages in a 300 page book, have page numbers whose digits add to 10?

      Good luck and happy math days to you!


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