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Students tour campus during Gathering of Clans
12 April 2005

Student tour group

      Members of the Lion Clan seemed pleased enough to roar during their tour of the United Tribes campus. Ninety students from 10 area high schools attended the "Gathering of Clans" recruiting fair April 12. Front row, from left, Mary St. Pierre, Wakpala H. S., Clan guide Nadine Vasquez, UTTC Online Education Assistant, Sarah Sam, Wakpala H. S., Ranonne Thunderhawk, Standing Rock High School, and Keshia Dedman, Wakpala H. S. Back row, from left, Tyson Keepseagle, SRHS, Brendan Cordova, SRHS, Barry Red Dog, SRHS, and Steven Bone Club, Wakpala H. S. All are juniors. The students split up into smaller groups, clans, to take in the day's activities. UTN photo Dennis J. Neumann


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