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Employees honored
18 April 2005

David Gipp, Barbara Frey, and Sam Azure

      Two employees with long records of service were recognized April 15 during the UTTC Employee Awards Banquet. Instructor Barbara Juhala Frey received a Jack Briggs Memorial blanket made by Pendleton, presented by UTTC President David M. Gipp (left) and Dean of Childhood Education F. Sam Azure. "My years spent working at Theodore Jamerson Elementary School and United Tribes have been wonderful," said Frey, who retires at the end of the school year. "Words can't begin to express my thankfulness for a most awesome 24 years." UTN photos Dennis J. Neumann

Russell Swagger and Bud Anderson

      Maintenance Supervisor Bud Anderson (foreground) was recognized for 30 years of dedicated service. Dean of Student and Campus Services Russell Swagger teased that Bud can be tough at times but everyone knows and appreciates his accommodating demeanor that produces good results on any campus project.



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