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Three Sisters from Standing Rock
22 April 2005

Three Sisters

It's not unusual to find more than one family member in the UTTC student body at the same time. Take the "Three Sisters" pictured, from left Lyndale Agard (Criminal Justice), Antonia (Tonie) Eagleshield (Criminal Justice), and Lynette Uses Arrow (Office Technology), holding a picture of another relative who attended UTTC, their uncle Percy Good Eagle. Growing up on Standing Rock, their parents, Fritz Eagleshield Jr. and Patti Eagleshield, encouraged their eight children to further their education. Now, two of the sisters, Lynette and Lyndale, graduate on May 6. Meet the Three Sisters, in their own words:

Family Attended UTTC
Tonie:  Lynette and Lyndale were here when I arrived. Both of our parents went to college and my brothers are in college. My parents urged me to get more education and my sisters told me it's a good learning experience here, meeting new people and doing fun things on and off campus.
Lyndale:  My mother told me about my uncle Percy Good Eagle who was here too. He passed on before he finished and our family and grandmother started a scholarship in his memory. I thought it would be great to come here. Plus, my husband Jeremy and I want to keep going with our education. It's good for our two children, Jobb and Iytricia. And we knew our family would come here to visit us.

Program of Study
Lyndale:  After our uncle passed away it changed my life and I wanted to go into a line of work to help teens. That's how I decided on Criminal Justice. Ray Dingeman does a great job of teaching.
Tonie:  I was always interested in law when growing up and my mother and uncle influenced me.
Lynette:  Office Technology is useful because no matter what profession I choose, computer skills and knowledge of software is necessary.

Lynette:  I guess you could say I was good in high school. Accounting and math were my favorite subjects. Both my sisters are in criminal justice, so I haven't had the opportunity to study with them. Would have been nice though. I live in Cannonball; both my sisters live on campus.
Tonie:  I was never a straight A student in high school but I got the grades I needed. My favorite were study hall and gym but I liked math and science. Now, I study sometimes with Lyndale because we're in the same vocation. Lynette and Lyndale will be graduating so I'll be by myself next year. I''ll miss running into them on campus and teasing and joking around.
Lyndale:  I really didn't like high school but my parents told me to finish because that's what you need to have a future. Now I know what they mean. I didn't think I would finish cause I had a child during my 12th grade year. But I told myself I wouldn't stop and I got help from my husband and family and graduated in 2002. Here, I like lots of my classes. Working in groups makes them fun and interesting, cause if you're a shy person you have to come out of your shell.

About UTTC and Bismarck
Tonie:  UTTC is a good college and I want to say 'Thank You' for having me here. Bismarck is a good place, lots of fun things to do, you never get bored.
Lynette:  UTTC is a great school with a lot to offer. Once you get involved and stay active, your time here is well spent. Bismarck in general is a good place. I hope to move back in the future.
Lyndale:  UTTC is a great place to start cause the college helps with lots of things: daycare, elementary, rides, activities to join. Bismarck is good cause you don't have far to go for food and other things for the family.

After Graduation
Lynette:  I plan to start work right away and then begin a Bachelors program in Criminal Justice, maybe through BSC.
Lyndale:  I hope to find another great college and get a Bachelors in Criminal Justice. If UTTC offered a four-year then I'd be back.
Tonie:  When I graduate next year I hope to go back home and work with juveniles or maybe start my own program with juveniles.


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