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2011 AIHEC
26 April 2011

Powwow highlights AIHEC opening day

TRIBAL COLLEGES DANCE: United Tribes student Elizabeth Sam (Shoshone Paiute Tribe of Nevada) and her husband Gary tour the dance arbor in full regalia during the American Indian Higher Education Consortium Powwow. Elizabeth is  a student in the United Tribes Practical Nursing program and is set to graduate in May. Gary is a BIA law enforcement officer at Standing Rock. The wacipi took place April 16, opening day of the 30th Annual AIHEC Conference at the Bismarck Civic Center Exhibit Hall, attended by over 1,000 student and faculty participants from tribal colleges around the country.

DENNIS J. NEUMANN/United Tribes News

2011 AIHEC Competitions

United Tribes Students and Staff at AIHEC:
Chad Austin, Quin Austin, Codi Black Bird, Rose Burcham, Shane Brunelle, Nathan Dunn, Cleveland Good Shield, Drew Grant, Stacey Grant, Phillip Grider, Chris Hilfer, Amber Iron Shield, Joelle Janis, Tia Jeanotte, Devero Yellow Earring, David One Horn, Tracie Packineau, Rochelle Perkins, Jaylene Pretends Eagle, Helen Reed, Ashley Ross, Dustin Thompson, Karmin Walker, Sheralyn Plante, Rebekah Olson, Mandy Guinn, Grace Bull Tail, Arlene Edmundson, Julie Cain, Tamera Marshall, Ruth Buffalo-Zarazua, Anthony LaFromboise, Jen Janecek Hartman

Knowledge Bowl
1. Dine’ College
3. Stone Child

Business Individual
1. Urban Bear Don't Walk, FBCC
2. David One Horn, UTTC
3. Sara Good Voice Elk, FBCC
1. Nicole Cottier, OLC
2. Martin Fox, FBCC
3. Paulette Thomas, FPCC
           Principles of Mgmt
1. Urban Bear Don't Walk FBCC
2. Michelle Becenti, NTC
3. Nicole Cottier, OLC
1. Sheila Massingale, SKC
2. John Francis, NTC
3r.Roychelle Morsette, SBC
1. Sheila Massingale, SKC
2. Michelle Becenti, NTC
3. John Francis, NTC
           Marketing Plan
1. CMN
3. SGU
           Web Page Individual
1. Brian Thunder Hawk, SBC
2. Sadie Red Wing, IAIA
3. Rita Asgeirsson, NWIC
           Web Page Team
1. Atawne Temple, Sheritta Brown, Martina Martinez, Conrad Begay, Martiano Yazzie, NTC
2. Sharie Begay, Markist James, NTC

TV journalist Hattie Kauffman inspired with the story of her persistence and success.

Art Exhibition
           Best of Show – Traditional
S’hahaeyje Shenandoah, IAIA
           Best of Show – Contemporary
Sheena Nizhoni-Wells, IAIA
           President’s choice
Dylan Iron Shirt, IAIA
           People’s Choice
Cameron Martinez, IAIA
1. Dylan Iron Shirt, IAIA
2. Luke Dubray, OLC
3. Regina McDonald, SKC
1. Dustin Thompson, UTTC
2. Jayli Fimbres, UTTC
3. Thurman Jay Lynch, NTC
1. Hollis Chitto, NCT
2. Dylan Iron Shirt, IAIA
3. Mark White Bull, OLC
1. S’hahaeyje Shenandoah, IAIA
2. JoDawna Tso, SKC
3. Shadow Bacon, SKC
           Dimensional Work
1. Tammy Rahr, IAIA
2. Hollis Chitto, NTC
3. Nicole Desjarlais, SKC
1. Vernon Yazzen, IAIA
2. Arnell Copperfield, IAIA
3. Philip Grider, UTTC
1. Nelson Chasing Hawk, SGU
2. Nancy Deleary, IAIA
3. Turquoise Man Shawna Nelson, IAIA
           Graphic Design
1. Brian Akipa, IAIA
2. Jayli Fimbres, UTTC
3. Stacy Grant, UTTC
           Digital Fine Art
1. Quinn Austin, UTTC
2. John Hager, IAIA
3. Brian Akipa, IAIA
1. Thurman Jay Lynch, NTC
2. Conjotee Chuleewah, IAIA
3. Marcia Smith, IAIA
1. David Pecos, IAIA
2. Sharon Lewis, IAIA
3. Janell Lewis, SGU
1. Yuauke Kuwano, IAIA
2. Cameron Martinez, IAIA
3. Jefferson Yazzie, NTC
1. Brian Akipa, IAIA
2. Brianna Fleetwood, IAIA
3. Philip Grider, UTTC
           Mixed Media
1. Sheena Nizhoni Wells, IAIA
2. Steve Tamayo, SGU
3. Whitney B. MinthornII, IAIA

Jason Morsette, FBCC

Delores Cobb, CMN

SGU President Lionel Bordeaux coordinated a workshop about the future of Tribal Higher Education.

1. Jaime Henlo, NTC
2. Clinton Isham, CMN
2. Randal White, Jr., SBC
1. Roychelle Morsette, SBC
2. Jayme Davis, TMCC
3. Clinton Isham, CMN
            Serious Oral Interp
1. Bertent Towne, DC
2. Alvin Dahozy, DC
3. Tyler One Horn, OLC
            Humorous Oral Interp
1. James Foguth, DC
2. Nathaniel Madson, CMN
3. Tonia Hall, SBC
            Duo Interp
1. Bertent Towne - Alvin Dahozy, DC
2. James Foguth - Claudell Tacheene, DC
3. Nathaniel Madson - Justin Gauthier, CMN

Critical Inquiry
3. OLC

Science Bowl

Science Poster
1. Audra Stonefish, SBC
2. Lindsey Deswood, DC
3. Brandon One Feather, OLC

Science Oral
1. Amy Stiffarm, SKC
2. Audra Stonefish, SBC
3. Rebecca Bingham, OLC

Traditional Plants
1. Miguel Hernandez, NWIC
2. Bonita Rickers, IAIA
3. Ester Lopez, IAIA

Actor Val Kilmer channeled the wit of Mark Twain.

One Act Play
3. OLC

Film Festival
1. Tyler Blue Tarapalechee, IAIA
2. Awtawne Temple, Marthiano Yazzie, Clinton Desidero, NTC
3. Dena Lone Hill, OLC
            People’s Choice
Tyler Blue Tarapalechee, IAIA
            Honorable Mention
James LaPointe, IAIA
Derrick Little Light, LBHC

Darcy Medicine Horse, SKC
Anna Nelson, IAIA
Claudell Tacheene, DC
Mary Flatmouth, LBHC
Star O’Berry, UTTC
Brian Sloan, NTC
Manih Boyd, CMN
Raquel Boyd, CMN
Brandon LaMere, LPTC

USDA Special Competition
1. Erick Freeman, Brandon Jesus, Lindsey Deswood, DC
2. Harriet Black Hoop, Jalisa Cruz, Shantelle Cruz, SBC
3. Tamara Howard, Pearl Roy, Victoria Mandan, FBCC

The UTTC team, sporting a stylized Thunderbirds theme, earned third in the handgame competition, and were recognized for having the best singing group.

2. DC
Best Hider: Tara Harvey, DC
Best Guesser: Delia Blake, FBCC
Best Group Singers: UTTC

1. OLC
2. SKC

            Student – Female
1. Brenda Swett, LCOCC
2. JoLynn Leishman, SKC
3. Juanita Irvine, SKC
            Student – Male
1. Frank DeMarrias, FPCC
2. Lydell Sheperd, SKC
3. Ron Martel, FBCC
            Staff – Male
1. Chad Harrison, SBC
2. George LaFrance, DC
3. Gilbert Begay, NTC

Neva Stands, SGU, at left, and Renee Ellis UTTC, score their shots during the AIHEC archery competition.

1. Collins Woody, NTC
2. Ron Martel, FBCC
3. Johnnie Bird, FBCC
2. NTC
3. OLC

Wii Sports
Mario Cart: Clint Desiderio, NTC
Basketball: Brock Charette, TMCC
Golf: Tyson Morin, TMCC

AIHEC results compiled by Sitting Bull College
United Tribes News photos Dennis J. Neumann

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