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UTTC Graduation ceremony planned for outdoors
27 April 2004

BISMARCK, ND - If the weather cooperates on Friday, May 7, United Tribes Technical College graduates will receive their diplomas during an outdoor ceremony that will feature a talk by the head of the Bureau of Indian Affairs.

      The location of choice for the 1 p.m. commencement ceremony is Lone Star Arena, site of the annual United Tribes International Powwow on the college campus.

'Famous Dave' Anderson, Assistant Secretary of Indian Affairs
Keynote speaker for UTTC's commencement ceremony May 7 is the Assistant Secretary of Indian Affairs in the U. S. Department of Interior, David W. Anderson, "Famous Dave."

      The ceremony honors 89 students graduating with Associate of Applied Science Degrees or Certificates in 14 academic and vocational programs.

      "It will be our largest graduating class," said UTTC Registrar Joey McLeod. "The number reflects our enrollment growth over the last two years."

      The event culminates the 2003-04 academic year and concludes the college's 35th year of educational services for American Indian students and their families. Graduates are from 25 different tribal nations around the country.

      In recent years, weather conditions have kept the ceremony indoors in the large gymnasium of the James Henry Community Building, which is where it will be on May 7 if weather conditions dictate. A decision about the location will be made on the Wednesday prior to the event.

      David W. Anderson, Assistant Secretary of Indian Affairs in the U. S. Department of Interior, is the keynote speaker. Perhaps best known as "Famous Dave," founder of the Famous Dave's barbecue restaurant chain, Anderson is a member of the Lac Courte Oreilles Band of Lake Superior Chippewa in northern Wisconsin. Anderson was selected by President Bush to lead the government agency that serves more than 560 tribes and more than 1 million American Indian and Alaska Natives.

      The class of 2004 graduation motto is "For years we have tread a path, from dawn to setting sun. But now the path gets steeper, and the climb has just begun." Some of the graduates completed their course of study at the end of the Fall 2003 term. Scholarships and other honors earned by individual students will be announced during the ceremony.

      Also scheduled to present talks are Dr. David M. Gipp, UTTC President, Charles W. Murphy, Standing Rock Tribal Chairman and Chair of the UTTC Board of Directors, and Tex Hall, Three Affiliated Tribal Chairman and President of the National Congress of American Indians.

      An honor guard from the Fort Berthhold American Legion, Myron B. Johnson Post 271, will present the colors. The drum group Battle River of Bismarck will render honor songs. Jesse "Jay" Taken Alive, Standing Rock, will provide the invocation and prayers. A reception in the UTTC cafeteria will follow the ceremony. Family, friends and the public are invited to attend. Over 10,000 students have graduated from UTTC since 1969.

2003-2004 UTTC Graduates
All receive Associate of Applied Science Degrees, unless noted.
Tribal affiliation listed and month and year of graduation.

Joaquin Andrews, Fort Peck, 05-04
Curtis Christian Cadotte, Standing Rock, 05-04
Teata DeCorah, Assiniboine, 05-04
Justin S. Lebeaux, Oglala, 05-04
John T. Pepion, Blackfeet, 05-04
Darren Christian Red Boy, Fort Peck, 05-04
Jody Two Deer White, Spirit Lake, 05-04

Mitchell L. Bearsheart, Standing Rock, 05-04
Josiah S. Himes, Standing Rock, 05-04
Kerry Lee Hunts Along, Three Affiliated, 05-04
Thomas Lynn McCarty, Three Affiliated, 05-04
Frederick Medicine Stone, Three Affiliated, 12-03

Flora Big Hair-Pretty Weasel, Crow, 05-04
Francis Bosch, Turtle Mountain, 12-03
Elizabeth Ashley Hamilton, Three Affiliated, 05-04
Randi M. Iron Eyes, Turtle Mountain, 05-04
Joseph R, Mountain, Standing Rock, 12-03
Brandon L. Yellow Bird-Stevens, Oneida, 05-04

Travis Decoteau, Turtle Mountain, 05-04
Kendra Redshirt, Oglala, 05-04
Luke Wells, Crow Creek, 05-04

Amy Belgarde, Spirit Lake, 05-04
Shyanne Autumn Bernie, Yankton, 05-04
Wayne Campbell, Turtle Mountain, 05-04
Willard Chaske, Spirit Lake, 05-04
Douglas Patterson Gover-Miller, Fort Peck, 12-03
Verleen Holds, Crow, 05-04
Clarice S. Reed, Three Affiliated, 05-04
Brenda Wounded Arrow, Oglala, 05-04
Helen A. Reed, Three Affiliated, 05-04

Crystal Black Cloud, Standing Rock, 05-04
Beverly June Clairmont, Lower Brule, 05-04
Allison Hertel, Standing Rock, 05-04
Tanya Mendoza, Turtle Mountain, 05-04
Celeste Elizabeth Phelps, Rolla, ND, 05-04
Wyleen Yvette Roubideaux, Oglala, 05-04
Linda M. Schulz, New Salem, ND, 12-03
Catherine Still Day, Standing Rock, 05-04

Carla Fleury, Blackfeet, 05-04
Hannah Small, Crow, 05-04
Monica Smith, Winnebago, 05-04

Toshina Rose Baldwin, Suquamish, 05-04
Carrie J. Bull Bear-Blackbird, Oglala, 05-04
Delmar M. Clown Jr., Cheyenne River, 05-04
Tramaine Lynette Compton, Standing Rock, 05-04
Nicole E. Jacobs, Oglala, 05-04
Robyn Rachel Pepion, Blackfeet, 05-04
Cameron Kyle Smith, Omaha/Winnebago, 05-04
Shari L. Wolf, Three Affiliated, 05-04

Lisa Anderson, White Mountain Apache, 12-03
JoAnne Larvie, Rosebud, 05-04

Toni Lynn Arcoren, Crow, 12-03
Luanne K. Carry Moccasin, Standing Rock, 05-04
Geri D. Fischer, Cheyenne River, 05-04
Ashley Dawn Flynn, Fort Peck, 05-04
Andrea Dawn Gladson, Mandan, ND, 05-04
Sara G. Gutierrez, Three Affiliated, 05-04
Chris D. Harrison, Standing Rock, 12-03
Shannon R. Harjo, Standing Rock, 05-04
Ellen E. Kills Small, Standing Rock, 05-04
Maureen R. Marshall-Cadotte, Standing Rock, 05-04, Certificate
Joseph R. Mountain, Standing Rock, 05-04, Certificate
Shannon Leah Pease, Crow Creek, 12-03
Lorraine B. Shepherd, Sisseton, 05-04
Darla D. Stricker, Cheyenne River, 12-03
Melissa K. White, Sisseton, 05-04
Talana F. White Woman, Northern Cheyenne, 05-04
Emmett R. Whiteman, Northern Cheyenne, 05-04
Rhonda R. Yankton, Cheyenne River, 12-03

Dawn Marie DeCoteau, Turtle Mountain, 05-04
Jessica Leigh DeCoteau, Turtle Mountain, 05-04
Kateri L. DuBray, Standing Rock, 05-04
Jessica S. Lee, Mandan, ND, 05-04
Danielle R. Murphy, Standing Rock, 05-04
Kristin Nicole Stewart, Crow, 05-04
Bree Ann Zitzman, Bismarck, ND, 05-04

Nancy M. Big Crow, Oglala, 12-03
Antoine Carl Chevalier, Menominee, 05-04
Nicole R. Gagnon, Turtle Mountain, 05-04
Ina M. Good Shield, Rosebud, 05-04
Nicole M. Many Horses, Standing Rock, 05-04
Chad J. Marks, Sisseton, 05-04
Natasha Bianca Old Elk, Crow, 05-04
Leonard B. Roberts Jr., Eastern Shoshone, 05-04

Barbara Lynn Abrams, Seneca, 05-04
Mary Ankerpont, Uintah/Ouray, 12-03
Merry Brunelle, Turtle Mountain, 12-03
Melissa K. White, Sisseton, 05-04

Caroline Hankinson, Three Affiliated, 05-04


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