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Marilyn Sandland
27 April 2009


Marilyn Sandland is a student from Standing Rock in the United Tribes online education program Nutrition and Food Service. She is the first student to complete the entire degree on-line, with the exception of first aid/CPR and a fitness class which she took locally as they are not offered on-line.  She started in the Fall 2005, taking two or three classes each semester, while continuing to work full time. Marilyn is an ideal on-line student. She kept in contact with her instructors and advisor throughout the process, asking questions when necessary. She has near perfect attendance in on-line courses and will be graduating with honors from UTTC with an Associate of Applied Science Degree in Nutrition and Foodservice on May 8.  The Nutrition and Foodservice Department would like to congratulate Marilyn on her accomplishments!
– Annette Broyles, Nutrition and Foodservice Department Chair/On-line Advisor

      My name is Marilyn Sandland; I am currently an on-line student at United Tribes Technical College. I am an enrolled member of the Standing Rock Tribe; my residence is in Fort Yates, ND.

Marilyn Sandland

      My husband and I have been in the ranching business since 1979. I have five children whom are all grown and six grandchildren. I am enrolled in the Nutrition and Food Services Program; and I will graduate this spring. I also completed the LPN program from the Standing Rock Community College/Bismarck Junior College in July 1980 in Ft. Yates. I passed the nursing boards in October 1980. Iíve been employed in various health programs.

      In 2002, I started with the Standing Rock Diabetes Program. My current position is Fitness Coordinator. I am a certified Physical Fitness Specialist through the Cooper Institute of Dallas, TX.

      My reason for returning to school was this: I felt I needed more knowledge about nutrition. In nursing we study diets for age and illnesses. I wanted to learn more about the science of nutrition. My current position requires me to educate people Ė diabetics and non-diabetics Ė about nutrition and exercise. Prevention is the key word with our program.

      I have learned a great deal about nutrition and exercise since I started. I feel more knowledgeable in speaking to people about eating healthy and exercising. I view this as an opportunity to give back what I have learned.

      I hope people will accept lifestyle changes and begin a new and healthy way, to better care for themselves and their children. It is very difficult to make changes and I hope to be part of that change by not giving up and reinforcing healthy eating habits among children. I canít say enough about prevention. Letís rid ourselves of diabetes and other preventable illnesses.


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