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Raymo named UTTC Purchasing Agent
4 May 2005
by Shirley A. Bordeaux, Dean of Finance

      David L. Raymo, former supervisor of Property and Supply, has been named Purchasing Agent for United Tribes Technical College.

      He assumed the position April 25 and will soon move to the Finance Department in the college administration building.

Dave Raymo
Dave Raymo, UTTC Purchasing Department

      Dave will be responsible for purchasing all products and services for the college including Theodore Jamerson Elementary and the Intertribal Programs. He brings valuable experience to the selection of products or services based on all the important factors, such as price, quality, service support, availability, reliability, and selection. His work will include selection of suppliers, price negotiations, contract awards and delivery timing.

      Dave's new job is part of a restructuring prompted by institutional growth.

      In FY 2004, UTTC spend more than $5.8 million on goods and services, a 21% increase from a year earlier. An overhaul of government regulations has had a major impact on college purchasing.

      Please join me in congratulating Dave. He'll be busy settling into the new position in the next few weeks. One of the innovations you can expect to see will be an automated purchase requisition system. By the end of December, we expect every department will be submitting purchase requisitions online.

      Please give Dave your utmost cooperation to make this and other projects successful.


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