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Hall urges support for Anderson
11 May 2004

Tex Hall and Dave Anderson
Hall (left) urges support for Anderson (right).

BISMARCK, ND - "This man is a fellow American Indian," said Tex Hall, president of the National Congress of American Indians and chairman of Three Affiliated Tribes. "We should stand with him. And I believe he will stand with us." That's how Hall expressed his support for Dave Anderson, Assistant Secretary for Indian Affairs. The two attended a commencement ceremony at United Tribes Technical College May 7 in Bismarck, ND.

      Anderson is under congressional fire for recusing himself from tribal recognition and gaming-related decisions. Hall said he refused to help some Senators take shots at Anderson, "because he's a fellow American Indian." For his part, Anderson says the criticism doesn't bother him. "This is an election year. They're entitled to their opinion," he said.


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