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United Tribes hosts first USA Powerlifting contest in ND
21 May 2012

BISMARCK (UTN) - United Tribes Technical College has hosted what is apparently the first USA Powerlifting Association contest in North Dakota. The non-profit group promotes drug-free lifting competitions by athletes who are categorized by gender, age and bodyweight.

The newly-formed United Tribes Weightlifting Club hosted the “United Tribes Iron Man/Iron Woman Contest” April 28 at the James Henry Community Gymnasium on the UTTC campus in Bismarck.

Lifter Tim Hattaway from UTTC posted 113 kg. in the squat lift. Media coverage of the event by KFYR-TV, Bismarck.
DENNIS J. NEUMANN<>United Tribes News

Earlier this year the club met the requirements and was accepted into the national association. About two dozen students and members of the college staff became active, training regularly in a weight room the college has maintained for lifters since the mid 1980s. The college demonstrated its strong commitment to the program by providing new equipment and resources.

The club’s April 28 contest was organized and conducted according to the association’s format and rules but was considered a “non-sanctioned” event.

Winning lifters, from left, Laramie Plainfeather, Martha Garreau, Jacob West and Nick Houston.
DENNIS J. NEUMANN<>United Tribes News

“We did it. I’m extremely happy about the outcome and the great job done by the many volunteers,” said Brad Barter, Thunderbirds Weightlifting Coach and Strengthening Lifestyles Family Specialist. “I want to thank everyone who helped out and all the college departments that were involved.”

Two of the three USA Powerlifting competitions were offered: the squat lift and bench press. The Wilks formula was used to determine the top lifters.

Jacob West of Oglala Lakota College, Kyle, SD, won the men’s division with a total of 298 kg. in both events. He was followed by Nick Houston and Laramie Plainfeather of United Tribes. Martha Garreau (Cheyenne River), a United Tribes staff member and former UTTC student, competed solo in the women’s division and set a mark of 125 kg.

Brad Barter
DENNIS J. NEUMANN<>United Tribes News

“Having a weightlifting team has opened a new pathway for individuals who don’t compete in other sports,” said Russell Swagger, United Tribes Vice President of Student and Campus Services. “This is a way to earn the many positive rewards of athletic completion. And it’s a lifetime sport they can learn here and continue well into the future.”

Swagger commended Barter for his vision and persistence in organizing the team, meeting the USA Powerlifting Association guidelines and setting up the event.

“His work has inspired and motivated others to challenge themselves physically and mentally,” said Swagger. “At the trainings and events you see teamwork, camaraderie and a sense of accomplishment. I’ve personally witnessed students overcoming their weaknesses as they work together cooperatively. This program is bringing students and staff together in a new setting to work toward common goals.”

Also acknowledged for their assistance with the weightlifting team and the event were other UTTC staff members: Greg Sturm, Jeff Moser, Mark Mindt, Marcus Austin, Wayne Campbell and the college’s maintenance staff.

“Now we have everything needed to run a fully sanctioned event,” said Barter.

Future competitions will be offered and the training resumes next semester, he said.

More information about the UTTC club: Brad Barter 701-255-3285 x 1261, bbarter@uttc.edu; about USA Powerlifting: http://www.usapowerlifting.com/index.shtml.


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