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Teacher Education Student of the Year
27 May 2013

      Joelle Bearstail (MHA Nation) was selected as “Teacher Education Student of the Year” at United Tribes Technical College. She was recognized during the NDACTE annual spring Pre-Service Teacher Conference.

Son Jon and Joelle Bearstail

      Joelle and other students from teacher education departments at colleges and universities throughout the state were honored during the April 5 event held at University of Mary, Bismarck.

      Her degree is in elementary education with an endorsement in special education and she has a background in early childhood education.

      Joelle said she was surprised and honored to have been chosen. She completed her coursework and did her student teaching in third-grade and sixth-grade classrooms.

      She says she hopes to work at Theodore Jamerson Elementary School on the UTTC campus. “It’s the Native students I’d like to work with. As far as Native American teachers, we’re underrepresented in the field. I know and understand the students and I feel like I can make a difference with them.”

      Congratulations to Joelle as UTTC’s first representative in this select group of future teachers!

– Lisa J. Azure, UTTC Teacher Education Chair


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