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United Tribes launches free bike share program
By Rebekah Olson, Tribal Environmental Science Research Instructor
27 May 2013

      After a good many meetings and lots of talk and planning, the United Tribes Wellness Circle announces the start of a new Bike Share Program at UTTC.

BIKE BENEFACTORS: From left, United Tribes Wellness Circle members Rebekah Olson and Jan Keller; Wes Engbrecht, Capital Electric Cooperative; Jen Holen, Basin Electric; and Charisse Fandrich, UTTC Development Department.
DENNIS J. NEUMANN<>United Tribes News

      Since it comes from the people who promote wellness, this program is about becoming a healthier, more environmentally friendly campus. The college provides the bikes. You do the pedaling and drive less on campus. And we all come out better!

      Hereís how it works.

      Bronze colored, cruiser-style bicycles are at bike racks at several locations around campus. These are available to all students, faculty and staff to use at their convenience. If you spot one, just jump on and ride to an on-campus destination. Itís as simple as that.

      These bikes cannot be reserved or locked, so you have to get comfortable with the idea that your riding trip might be one-way!

Generous Donors

      Capital Electric Cooperative, the power company that serves United Tribes, and Basin Electric Cooperative, each generously donated $750 to get the program rolling. Co-op representatives Wes Engbrecht and Jen Holen joined us April 25 during the UTTC Health Fair when the bikes were previewed. The United Tribes Land Grant Program also contributed financial support and the UTTC Maintenance Dept. lent their skill and people-power to this positive program.

      So, letís get riding and make the most of this!

      Please contact us if you have questions or comments: Rebekah Olson 255-3285 x 1349, rolson@uttc.edu; Jan Keller 255-3285 x 1504, jkeller@uttc.edu.

UTTC Bike Share Program AT-A-GLANCE

Purpose: To promote healthy lifestyles while reducing campus carbon footprint

  • Bike racks located near several high traffic buildings on campus
  • Bicycles available for use by all students and staff
  • Ride to a building, park in the rack
  • If a bike is there when you leave, ride again
  • No guarantee for a bike on your return trip
  • Bike Share is FREE program
  • No check-in or check-out policy; grab and go!
  • Bikes must stay on campus
  • Bikes cannot be locked or taken inside
  • Available March through October, weather permitting
  • All bikes same color and style
  • If bike needs repair, tip it upside-down to indicate service needed

Observe Rules of the Road

  • All riders are encouraged to wear a helmet for safety
  • Ride on the road when possible to reduce potential injury to pedestrians on sidewalks
  • Riders must follow traffic rules, regulations, and policies

Facts about bike sharing:

      Nearly 90 American universities offer some form of a campus bike program. Bicycle use is on the rise. Rutgers University (2011) found that the number of bike commuters rose by 64% from 1990 to 2009. Bicycling grows fastest in cities that have consciously worked to promote it.

Bicycling Benefits

  • Saves on fuel costs and repairs by replacing trips made by car or truck
  • Helps Mother Earth by reducing pollutants from auto exhaust
  • Improves your health by increasing physical activity
  • Gets you to your campus destination quicker

Benefits Unique to Bike Sharing

  • Convenient and affordable for those who do not own bicycles
  • Introduces new audiences to bicycles

Benefits to Community

  • Upon program success, bikes may be granted off campus access to use on cityís bicycle lanes and recreational paths


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