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Arthur and Grace Link Child Development Center

By Barbara Strikes the Enemy, Pre-School Center Director
30 May 2012

April is always a good month for the preschool. The weather improves and the children spend time out on the playground. And, of course, April is when service providers and parents across the nation focus on the well-being of young children.

Early Years Opportunity
Concerning young children, it is during the early years that the brain is most active and malleable. By the time a child reaches kindergarten, the brain’s ability to grow subsides by up to 80 percent. Science confirms what early childhood educators have known about this developmental time period: that the quality of a child’s early childhood experience (whether it be positive or negative) sets the foundation of how the child views him or herself as an individual, a learner and friend.

KODAK MOMENT: Parents use cell phones and digital cameras to capture images of the pre-school graduates. DENNIS J. NEUMANN<>United Tribes News

At the UTTC preschool, we strive to celebrate childhood every day. it is our commitment to provide an environment where children can feel safe, honored, cared for and valued. It is in this environment that children become active learners. They challenge themselves, feel empathy and compassion. They become kind and show enthusiasm for learning. We are setting a foundation for them to think, question, problem-solve and love.

So, parents, let’s follow the wisdom in this time-honored phrase and "put our minds together" and honor and cherish them every day. They do grow so fast and the opportunity to establish a good beginning is so brief.

Next Adventure
Which brings me to the next BIG ADVENTURE four our 5 year-old children: KINDERGARTEN!

Parents, please make sure you check into your “soon to be Kindergarteners” school, some schools are pre-registering. Don’t miss out on deadlines.

"Wopila Tanka"
A big "Thank You" to 4 Bears Casino & Lodge for their generous donation to our school. It is greatly appreciated! Thank you Daylon Spotted Bear, Pat Packineau, Scott Wilson and Spencer Wilkinson, Jr.


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