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Students plant educational roots at UTTC
By Annette E. Broyles, UTTC Nutrition and Foodservice Instructor/Department Chair
2 June 2010

BISMARCK (UTN) - Nutrition and Foodservice 2010 graduates Geri Hollow, Buffy Cartwright and Shannon Dionne made their mark on the campus before graduating by planting two apple trees near the United Tribes Skill Center building.

      The May 6 planting, and the ceremony that accompanied it, was part of an annual event that honors each graduate of the program.

Nutrition and Foodservice graduates, from left, Buffy Cartwright, Shannon Dionne and Geri Hollow filled in the soil around two newly planted apple trees in front of the Skill Center May 6 just as rain began to fall. The event was part of a ceremony marking their graduation from the program. United Tribes News photo Dennis J. Neumann

      A large rock with a plaque marks the new area on the building’s east side for tree plantings by graduates of the vocation. The planting ritual has taken place since 2001but the location was moved this year for better maintenance and survival.

      The trees are symbolic of a student’s life and higher learning. Each is deeply rooted in their family, community, and the UTTC campus community, where they grow as they gain knowledge in their vocation. The college experience helps them continue growing in their career, as they help others and their community, just as the tree grows and flourishes at UTTC through the years.

      Counselors Russell Gillette and Julie Cain conducted a traditional ceremony for the event. The four directions song and an honoring song were rendered with hand drums by Pete Little Owl and Glen Fox.

      Also included as part of the event was a graduate’s luncheon, attended by family members, classmates, instructors, counselors, and Land Grant staff. A program spotlighted the accomplishments of each student and vocation for the year. Graduates had an opportunity to offer advice to their peers and discuss future plans.

      Three students, Shannon Dionne, Josiah Jacobs, and Almona Oakie, were awarded $500 scholarships sponsored by the Nutrition and Foodservice Vocation and USDA/UTTC Land Grant. The awards were based on maintaining 85 percent attendance in every class, a 2.5 GPA, and participation in vocation club activities for the semester.

      Students Buffy Cartwright and Jamie Cameron received stipends for completing 150 hours of unpaid practicum during the semester.


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