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Honoring and Lakota Helicopter featured at powwow
By James Red Tomahawk, Chief of United Tribes Security
22 June 2012

Cannonball, North Dakota hosted an honoring for law enforcement officers and a visit by a namesake helicopter as part of the annual Cannonball District Powwow of the Standing Rock Tribe on Sunday, June 10.

The events were organized by members of the Red Tomahawk family as part of their commitment to recognize and honor those who serve in law enforcement. It took place on “Flag Day” at the powwow.

The UH-72 “Lakota” light utility helicopter landing at Cannonball, ND on June 10. Introduced in 2007, the Lakota replaced the venerable Huey helicopter in the Army and Army National Guard fleets. United Tribes News photos Judith Red Tomahawk

Hosting the event were descendents of Marcellus Red Tomahawk, a Sergeant and leader in the Standing Rock Agency’s Indian Police force from 1881 to 1895. A silhouette view of Red Tomahawk wearing a headdress is on North Dakota state highway signs and is the official symbol of the North Dakota State Highway Patrol.

This was the third year the family honored law enforcement officers from the Standing Rock Tribe, BIA, and state and local jurisdictions in remembrance of Red Tomahawk the Indian Policeman.

Law officers attending the Cannonball Powwow honoring from left: unidentified retired BIA Police officer, Morton County Sheriff’s Deputy Sims, Bismarck Police Officer Nolan Kenwright, Morton County Sheriff’s Deputy Tad Pritchett, BIA Police Chief Ken James, UTTC Chief of Security James Red Tomahawk, North Dakota State Capitol Security Officer Fred Gun, and Pete Red Tomahawk, Cannonball, ND. United Tribes News photos Judith Red Tomahawk

A highlight was the landing and display of a UH-72 “Lakota” helicopter. At the powwow event the helicopter was given the name Wokksape, meaning Wisdom in Lakota.

The Lakota helicopter is scheduled to make a landing on the United Tribes campus during powwow week in early September.

Veterans groups also took part in the event, including the Albert Grass American Legion Post #173, Village Center/Brown Otter Post #82, Looking Back/Growler/Jemerson Post #239, Vietnam Veterans, Wakpala Veterans Organization, and Antoine American Horse Jr. American Horse Post #259.

Also present were: U. S. Senate Candidate Heidi Heitkamp, Standing Rock Chairman Charles W. Murphy, Vice Chairman Mike Faith and North Dakota Indian Affairs Commission Director Scott Davis.

I represented United Tribes as Chief of Security and made arrangements for representation by law enforcement officers from the area’s sheriffs and police departments and BIA and Tribal law enforcement agencies. The Red Tomahawk family expresses its thanks and appreciation to all who took part and attended.


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