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Club donates for library books
By Teresa Hughes, Business Office Technology Club President
24 June 2013

       The Business and Office Technology (BOT) Club donated $400 to the Theodore Jamerson Elementary School library for books from the proceeds of club member's labor.

      The April 17 donation was a way to "give back" to the UTTC community, specifically to our most valuable and precious resource: our children.

BOOK BENEFACTORS: Standing, from left: BOT Instructor Dorvin Froseth, BOT Club President Teresa Hughes, TJES Librarian Mari Ferguson, and BOT Club members Melody Bruguier, Alfreda Wall, Doreen Welsh-Pretends Eagle, Sherry House (Treasurer), William Pauli (BOT Club Student Senate Rep), and Andrea Addison (Vice President). Seated, from left: TJES students Kimberly Nickaboine, Danielle Morrison, Jerome Crazy Thunder, Jobb Agard and Trajen Wise Spirit. Members of the TJES School Board also attended the presentation.
DENNIS J. NEUMANN<>United Tribes News

      The mission of the BOT Club is to increase representation of UTTC students in business and education oriented activities and ventures, and to enhance the UTTC campus through educational and leadership activities. Our club adviser is Dorvin Froseth, assisted by Tom Spain and Kathy Aller.

      This year 10 students were active all year. Being involved gave us personal strength through our membership and created networking opportunities, support groups, and activities. These are very helpful for anyone pursuing a degree, because of the academic, social, and emotional support.

      I would encourage all new and returning students to join next year, as there are many benefits. Members demonstrate a commitment to the highest ideals of the club. We found that there is strength in numbers and that more can be accomplished by working in a group.


      That's what we found by staffing the concession stand when the Thunderbirds basketball teams hosted BSC. We came together, worked hard and raised $400 for the TJES Library! We sold Indian tacos, cheese-wheels, cupcakes and ring pops, along with the regular concession menu the Student Senate provides. We donated time, money, and effort, and in the end it was all very well worth it.

      The BOT Club would like to thank TJES Principal Sam Azure, the TJES School Board, and UTTC Student Senate for supporting us in our efforts. Most importantly, we give special thanks to all who supported our bake sales, raffles and concession stand, which allowed us to make this generous contribution. Thank you!


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