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N-FS students end semester on sweet note
By Annette Broyles, Nutrition and Foodservice Department Chair
24 June 2013

      The UTTC Nutrition and Foodservice Culinary Baking Class saved the sweets for last during an open house on April 30 near the end of the school term. Guests were invited to sample a variety of plated desserts the students learned to produce during the semester.

Nutrition and Foodservice Culinary Baking class members at the April 30 open house: from left, Tony Walking, Heather Demaray, Melinda Whiteman Tikanye, Peter Stone, Tracy Slides Off, Amber Cleveland Redman, Mariah Rohde, Dolly Drapeau, and Carmela Vital- Maulson.

      The sweet treats included angel food cake, cream puffs, eclairs with pastry cream, strawberry banana frozen mousse, strawberry-balsamic filled French macarons, rhubarb sorbet, gluten free chocolate cake, low fat apple honey muffins, fruit coulis, and no sugar added lemon cookies.

      The baking classroom instruction covered a variety of techniques throughout the semester. Students worked with different flours in yeast breads, bun shapes, hand tossing pizza crusts, candy molding, cake decorating, sweet rolls, quick breads, specialty desserts and baking for special diets.

      The class met from 8 a.m. to noon on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Other students and members of the UTTC staff quickly learned when to show up on these days to sample the results.

      The students planned and baked pizzas for the Nutrition and Foodservice Pre-Professional Club (FANS) lunch. They made sweet rolls and pastries for a faculty meeting. And they decorated a cake for their family and an open house for the campus.

Mariah Rohde serving the head table at the David M. Gipp Fellowship dinner.

      Culinary Baking is a new class in the UTTC foodservice/culinary arts degree plan. Students enrolled were: Amber Cleveland, Dolly Drapeau, Mariah Rohde, and Tracy Slides Off. The class was taught by Annette Broyles, N-FS department chair.

      During the open house the vocation showed a slide show of activities students participated in throughout the year. An awards program acknowledged Amber Cleveland, who completed a foodservice practicum at Minerva’s Restaurant in Bismarck, and Tony Walking, who completed a nutrition practicum in the St. Alexius dietary department.

      Scholarships in the amount of $400 each were awarded to foodservice/culinary arts students Dolly Drapeau and Mariah Rohde, and nutrition and wellness students, Carmela Vital-Maulson and Melinda Whiteman Tikanye . Scholarships are awarded each semester to students in the vocation based on grades, attendance and participation in the student pre-professional club.

Dolly Drapeau at the David M. Gipp Fellowship dinner.

      Other events during the last week of the academic year included two students, Dolly Drapeau and Mariah Rohde, gaining experience with catering by working at the David M. Gipp Fellowship Dinner held at the Bismarck Municipal Country Club on May 1. Students Tony Walking, Melinda Whiteman Tikanye, Heather Demaray, and Carmela Vital-Maulson attended the N.D. Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics meeting in Bismarck, along with their instructor Wanda Agnew.

      Ten Nutrition and Foodservice students, who earned the National ServSafe Certificate this year, were recognized during the Student Awards program held at the Bismarck Elks Club on May 2.

      On-line student, Jessika Free, Omaha Nation, Macy, NE, graduated with an AAS degree in Nutrition and Wellness on May 3.


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