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Theodore Jamerson Elementary School
24 June 2013

South Heart School Visit

      Students from a grade school in North Dakota oil country visited the United Tribes campus April 25 and met with their TJES peers.

Visiting students from South Heart School Grade 7, South Heart, ND, on the front steps of the UTTC Education Building with their counterparts from Theodore Jamerson Elementary School.
DENNIS J. NEUMANN<>United Tribes News

The visit by 14 students from South Heart School, Grade 7, South Heart, ND, was prompted by an historical novel. Their Instructor, Holly Holinka, said their reading of “The Fences Between Us” sparked an interest in seeing the site of a former internment camp. The young readers’ novel is set in 1941 in a War Relocation Authority camp in Utah. Holinka said the class was surprised and interested to learn there was an internment camp in North Dakota. During World War II, the current United Tribes campus was the site of Fort Lincoln Internment Camp.

      The South Heart students visited the TJES Grade 7 classroom, where together the classes viewed pictures of the Fort Lincoln camp and talked about the plotline of the novel. The classes went on a short walking tour of a portion of the former confinement area of the camp, and took lunch in the UTTC cafeteria.

3rd Quarter 2012-13 HONOR ROLL

Grade 4: Sean Lawrence 3.25, Evelyn Big Eagle 3.5, Kari Waanatan 3.5, Kaylee Jackson 3.75, Tanya Richards 3.0, Tehya Little Owl 3.5, Ana Ventura-Ortley 3.0

Grade 5: Aliyah Hopkins 3.7. Jerome Crazy Thunder 3.0, Kristen Cline 3.0, Nevaeh Quarry 3.3, Siavy Yazzie 3.8, Trajen Wise Spirit 3.0, Danielle Morrison 3.2, Nortila Okwei 3.0

Grade 6: Daeshaun Strong Heart 4.0, Jerral Murray 3.6

Grade 7: Kaeleigh Cain 3.8, Taylor Johnson 3.8, SaVannah Crow Ghost 3.0, Anpo Thin Elk 3.8, Alex Nickaboine 3.0

Grade 8: Amber Moon 3.0, Mary Charboneau 3.4

Donation for Books

YOUNG READERS: Five TJES students took part in a check presentation ceremony April 17 in the school’s library. From left: Kimberly Nickaboine, Danielle Morrison, Jerome Crazy Thunder, Jobb Agard and Trajen Wise Spirit. The occasion was a $400 donation from the Business Office Technology Club for books at TJES.

DENNIS J. NEUMANN<>United Tribes News


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