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Gipp Response to Indian on Search Committee
28 June 2007

Statement of David M. Gipp, President, United Tribes Technical College regarding American Indian representation on the search committee for a new president of the University of North Dakota:

      I am encouraged by the change in view by the chair of the State Board of Higher Education that an American Indian should now be made a member of the search committee for a new president of the University of North Dakota. If the entire board votes in agreement during the special meeting on July 3, it will restore faith in the prospect that the board works on behalf of all citizens of the state.

      The North Dakota Indian Affairs Commission made its feelings known to Governor John Hoeven on this matter on Friday, June 22, and unanimously passed a resolution urging the higher ed board to reconsider its previous position. Governor Hoeven is to be commended for communicating the essence of this matter to the higher ed board.

      Because of this recent public dialogue, the decision making process for a new UND president will be strengthened by the addition of a diverse point of view.

      Tribal leaders on the Indian Affairs Commission and the United Tribes of North Dakota board of directors are to be commended, along with good citizens everywhere who expressed the hope that North Dakota will welcome diversity and seek to benefit from the strength it brings.


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