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Housing team leaders named
30 July 2009

The Housing Department is pleased to announce the appointment of team leaders on campus. This is a new program supported by Leadership Through Experience and Work Study.

2009 Summer Campus Team Leaders:
Lorraine Good Nature: Washington Court Apartments
Ryan Moran: August Little Soldier Apartments
Andrew Russell: On Campus (Middle Row)
Raeni Jacobs: On Campus (Back Row)

      These leaders work to provide a “Neighborhood Block Watch,” on the campus, even during the weekends. They will help strengthen the campus community and encourage good behavior around our families and children and deter unsafe and dangerous activity. Their work will be tracked as part of our community service efforts.

      They will notify security in case of safety or dangerous issues and they will do activities with the kids.

      We hope this encourages others to get involved in events and activities that are here for the families.

      The Campus Team Leaders will be visible; you will see them wearing red t-shirts with black lettering “CAMPUS TEAM LEADERS.”

      I urge you to accept their leadership. They truly care about our campus; we are lucky to have them. Additional leaders will be added when more students arrive in August.

      If you are interested, please contact the Housing office for more details at 701-255-3285 x 1415. A limited number of positions are available for eligible students. If eligible fill out necessary paperwork with Jeri Severson at the Financial Aid office or call her at 701-255-3285 x 1377.