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STATEMENT OF DAVID M. GIPP, United Tribes Technical College President, regarding the signing into law today by President Obama of the Tribal Law and Order Act
30 July 2010

      “This law is intended to make more law enforcement resources available to tribal communities, train more personnel from tribal communities to become law officers, and provide more law enforcement authorization for tribal governments and tribal courts.

      “I’ve been listening to tribal leaders for over 30 years as they have repeatedly expressed the need for more law enforcement resources. This law is the first major step to address that.

      “It is a signature piece of legislation for Senator Byron Dorgan. He and the Senate Indian Affairs Committee listened to what tribal people and tribal leaders had to say about high rates of crime. They worked hard to develop and pass the legislation and get it before the President for his signature today.

      “The new law will also begin to address the need for more trained law enforcement officers throughout Indian Country. Tribes in the Rocky Mountains and the northern Great Plains have expressed an interest in having a training facility in this region of the country. Here at United Tribes we have been involved in law enforcement training for many years. We are moving to expand on it and develop the Northern Plains Tribal Law Enforcement Training Center. Space is being built into our new science and technology building, now under construction, for that purpose. We believe it will be a significant program that will help tribal communities be safe places to live and good for economic development and growth.”

Chairman of the Senate Committee on Indian Affairs U.S. Senator Byron Dorgan (D-ND) looks on as President Obama signed the Tribal Law and Order bill into law Thursday at a formal White House ceremony. The historic legislation, authored by Senator Dorgan, will bring major reforms to law enforcement on the nation’s Indian reservations.

Remarks by the President Before Signing the Tribal Law and Order Act

Press Release from Senator Byron Dorgan's Office







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