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Calculating our carbon footprint
By Rebekah Olson, Tribal Environmental Science Instructor
8 August 2011

      Two Tribal Environmental Science (TES) students have worked on a project over summer to determine the campus carbon footprint for United Tribes. Jessica Pumpkin Seed and Nicole Wells are assembling information that will be incorporated into a more detailed study to be undertaken by the college.

      Carbon footprint is the total amount of greenhouse gas emissions caused by an organization, event, product or person.

      Pumpkin Seed and Wells visited different departments on campus to ask for numbers to determine such things as gallons of gas used by the campus transportation fleet, number of students on campus, pounds of paper used by the college, and other factors.

      Greenhouse gases are commonly associated with transportation. They are also emitted in other activities that the college might engage in, such as land clearance and construction, the production and consumption of food, building and road construction, building operations, and other services. The amounts are typically expressed in terms of the amount of carbon dioxide emitted.

      This study includes everyone’s commute to campus each day. The results will be compiled up by Pumpkin Seed and Wells as part of a research project.

      ‘Thank you’ to all the individuals and departments who assisted them. If your information has not been included, please contact me 255-3285 x 1349 or rolson@uttc.edu.


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