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UTTC offers medical transcription training
9 August 2005

BISMARCK (UTN) - United Tribes Technical College has acquired a company that trains medical transcriptionists and will offer a certificate program in the field. Effective with Fall Semester, Medical Transcription is offered through the college's Health Information Technology and Distance and Continuing Education Departments.

      On July 1, UTTC acquired the Bismarck company, Exact-Med from its founder Renee Becker, who will remain as program director and instructor.

Exact-Med Staff
The Exact-Med Transcription Training staff, from left, Renee Becker, director/instructor; Ellen Forderer, instructor; and Lynelle Lawler, administrative assistant.

      "We're excited to offer this training with and through United Tribes," said Becker. "Jobs in medical transcription can pay very well and there's a shortage of well-trained people. We have something very important to offer."

      Becker has been involved with medical transcription since 1985. The expertise of two other Exact-Med staff members also comes with the acquisition. Ellen Forderer, is an instructor with over 25 years experience as a registered nurse; Lynelle Lawler, instructor and mentor who graduated from the program, is the program's administrative assistant.

      The program operates with open enrollment and is competency based. Students move through at their own pace. The training takes from 10 months to one year to complete. Fifty students received certification during Exact-Med's three-and-one-half years in business.

      The training method is somewhat of a hybrid, said Becker. There's a lot of hard copy transcription work, some distance education, and hands on support work done in the classroom.

      "Then we help secure employment for those who finish and meet the industry standards," said Becker.

      With advancements in technology and the Internet, the work is mostly done as a home based business. Becker believes that trained transcriptionists help the economy, in particular, of rural areas and reservations.

      Typing, grammar, punctuation and using reference books are skills emphasized in medical transcription.

      "Accuracy is the most important part," said Becker. "The goal is to reach a 98 percent level of accuracy."

      For more information, contact Exact-Med, 701-355-4608, corrections@exactmed.com.


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