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Fire victim relocated, still learning and grateful
22 August 2005

Autumn Elm and daughter

Over the summer, Autumn Elm (Oneida Nation of Wisconsin) had the shock of her life. She and her infant daughter, Audris Cleveland, narrowly escaped through a window when an arson fire swept rapidly through their apartment, destroying the building and leaving one other tenant dead. She lost everything - no baby formula or diapers, no clothing, not even her purse was saved. Friends on campus and in the local community came to her aid with a fund, clothing and furniture drive. Recovering from the shock, Autumn and Audris now live in a house and she's back in class as the new school term begins. She wants everyone to know how grateful and appreciative she is for the generosity. If it wasn't for the encouragement and help she received, especially from Suzanne Shields, who organized the campus drive, she probably would have returned home to Wisconsin instead of staying to finish her degree in Small Business Management.


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