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Enrollment trending toward new record
24 August 2005

BISMARCK (UTN) - Classes are underway and enrollment is headed for another single semester record at United Tribes Technical College.

      An enrollment report for the week of August 21 listed the total number of students on campus at 489. The report forecasts a student count approaching 800 before fall semester enrollment closes.

Student ambassador Richard L. White Jr. (Oglala Sioux Tribe) helps distribute scheduling information to the 120 new students who attended orientation on August 16. College officials knew in early August that enrollment would be strong because of the large number of students signed up for housing.

      "We're gratified to see another major growth spurt," said Kathy Johnson, director of Enrollment Services. "And we're ready for it in the registration process."

      In use now is a computerized registration system that allows instructors and advisers to serve the larger numbers of students going through the registration process.

      "We have everyone on one system now and that allows us to share information more efficiently. Advisers have access online to information they could only get before by coming to our office," said Johnson.

      Johnson believes that many more students will register before the last day to add classes in late September. Over 300 additional students have been accepted into the college or pre-registered but have yet to arrive on campus.

Addison Baker
Getting into the swing of things early, Addison Baker tackled some front end work on the first day of Automotive Technology class August 18.

      If a good percentage of those students show up as planned, Fall 2005 enrollment will reach the highest single term student count on record. Enrollment one year ago was 592.

      "We're very pleased," said David M. Gipp, college president. "We're on track with our enrollment goals."

      The student count has increased yearly since college leaders established a campus expansion and growth plan in 2002. In addition to enrollment growth, the plan calls for improving the campus infrastructure, upgrading the amount and quality of housing for students and constructing new educational buildings. Most of the current structures are former military buildings that are 100 years old.

      "As we begin this new term, we focus on having our support services in place. We're very well equipped to get students enrolled," said Gipp. "The number one thing is adequate housing. Number two is to be sure that every student is properly supported with financial aid. That, of course, creates the continual need for scholarships and other financial resources that support them."

Before arranging her class schedule, Shauna Robideaux (Rosebud Sioux Tribe) studies a brochure about Small Business Management.

      According to the enrollment report, the largest number of students registered thus far selected UTTC's Practical Nursing Program, followed by Small Business Management. Registration for the current term ends September 23.

      UTTC offers training in 17 Associate of Applied Science programs and 11 certificates programs. The college graduated its first Bachelor's Degree scholars in the spring.

      "Students and their families, and the people back home, can be assured that students who come here are very well taken care of," said Gipp.


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