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Runners compete in Thunderbird Run
22 August 2009

Start of the 10 K event of the Thunderbird Run

BISMARCK (UTN) - Dennis Newell of Mandan won the Half Marathon Open Division of the 4th Annual Thunderbird Run at United Tribes Technical College. Newell covered the 13.1 mile course in 1 hour, 14 minutes and 29 seconds.

      Eighty-nine runners entered the August 22 event in four running categories that began and ended at the college campus in Bismarck.

      Placing first in the Half Marathon Masters Division, age 40 and over, was Mel Hoffman, Sidney, MT, in 1:18:30.

      Winner of the 10 K run was Edison Uses Arrow Jr., Little Eagle, SD, in 37:32.

Half-Marathon Open Division winner Dennis Newell, Mandan, 1:14:29

      The 5 K winner was Jaz Catteral, Hazen, ND, 21:48.

      Proceeds from the event were donated to two groups at Three Affiliated Tribes: the Boy’s and Girl’s Club and the TAT Elder’s Organization. Each group received a check for $2,000 that will be used for a cooperative project that brings together elders and young people for a joint project on the reservation. Three Affiliated Tribes is one of the five tribes in North Dakota on the United Tribes Technical College governing board.






Half-Marathon Mens Masters Division

Mel Hoffman, Sidney, MT, 1:18:30
Dave Burnes, Bismarck, 1:20:49
Lynn Bieswanger, Bismarck, 1:25:26
Marnie Walth, Bismarck, 1:25:31
Kenneth Starr, Fort Yates, 1:31:26
Dan Kanwischer, Bismarck, 1:34:32

Half-Marathon Womens Masters Division

Marnie Walth, Bismarck, 1:25:31
Julie Bosch, 1:36:02
Judy Myers, 1:51:32
Melanie Pudwill, 2:00:13

Half-Marathon Mens Open Division

Dennis Newell, Mandan, 1:14:29
Janell Olson, Bismarck, 1:22:35
Tom Vandemeutter, Bismarck, 1:23:42
Paul Clark, Minot, 1:33:23
Mark Momerack, Bismarck, 1:39:58
Charles Catteral, Hazen, 1:42:03

Half-Marathon Womens Open Division

Janell Olson, Bismarck, 1:22:35
Mery Casady, 1:59:50

Mens 10K

Edison Uses Arrow Jr., Little Eagle, SD, 37:32
Mark Hager, Bismarck, 39:19
Theo Crowe, Agency Village, SD, 39:40
Heather Schuster, Mandan, 40:55
Morgan Ruelle, Fort Yates, 45:25
Keith Eckert, Bismarck, 46:31

Womens 10K

Heather Schuster, Mandan, 40.55
Lisa Oschsner, 50.07
Fahtima Finley, 50.55
Rose Marie Hawk, 54
Judy Boyle, 55.29
Kendra Miller, 59.32

Mens 5K

Jaz Catteral, Hazen, 21:48
Jaaz Asher, Hazen, 24:02
Cameron Howling Wolf, Mandan, 24:41
Tom Little Owl, 25:53
Erica Clayton, Bismarck, 27:23
Richard Hoasuer, Bismarck, 27:55

Womens 5K

Erica Clayton, Bismarck, 27.23
Jennifer Heilman, 28.05
Mandy Sheldon, 28.28
Lisa Feist, 29.17
Rita Schulz, 30.5
Bernice Morning Gun, 31.44

Half-Marathon Masters Division winner Mel Hoffman, Sidney, MT, 1:18:30
10 K winner Edison Uses Arrow Jr., Little Eagle, SD, 37:32
5 K winner Jaz Catteral, Hazen, 21:48