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United Tribes Embraces Facebook
26 August 2009

BISMARCK (UTN) - United Tribes Technical College has begun to utilize the Web Application Facebook to engage current, prospective, and former students. It is a fun and informal way to share information and address potential students’ questions. It is also useful for getting feedback from students or staff by letting them post relevant content or concerns. Family and friends of students, staff, or faculty use it to keep up to date on United Tribes News. Finally, it provides an atmosphere where students can network with each other, alumni, future students, and people who are interested in UTTC.

      Research has shown that 85% of college students have Facebook accounts and that 60% of those check them daily. Many major Colleges and Universities are using Facebook to connect with the new age of digital students. Texas A & M University, and Louisiana State University are the primary Facebook proponents and have evolved the way that Higher Education Institutions provide information to students and let them post information, questions, and photo’s to the School’s Facebook page.

      United Tribes Facebook page has grown to over 200 fans, and provides Photo Galleries of UTTC happenings and the Bismarck area, discussions forums, videos, and links to news stories related to UTTC or Native American issues. United Tribes has also posted several YouTube videos including President Gipp’s speech at the Democratic National Convention, and a video tribute to the Shakopee Nation for their contributions to UTTC. Work is currently underway on an Introduction to UTTC YouTube video. This assignment is being undertaken by a task force comprised of member’s of several departments. Look for it in the near future.

      UTTC is excited about how many new people are becoming fans of its Facebook every week. “For the most part, people are keeping the comments positive and appropriate and we are monitoring the site to make sure it stays that way. We want people to feel the positive atmosphere we have here through our Facebook page by giving them a glimpse of day to day life at United Tribes” says Frank Bosch, UTTC Facebook moderator. “We have only had to remove one fan so far over the last 6 months because of inappropriate language.” UTTC plans to keep fans updated with campus life and other related events through this site. Stay tuned!  If you have any questions regarding creation, usage, or customization of Facebook Accounts, please email:  onlinetech@uttc.edu.