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Native culture shared at nursing homes
27 August 2009

BISMARCK (UTN) - Appearances by a group of Native dancers and singers were well received in two North Dakota communities on July 27.

      The visits were organized by Sonja Cain of United Tribes for the nursing homes in two south-central communities: Strasburg and Wishek.

This group shared tribal culture through song and dance July 27 at the Strasburg Care Center, Strasburg, ND.

      The dancers were: Sonja Cain, Women’s Fancy; Sheena Cain, Women’s Traditional; Darius Cain, Buffalo Dancer; Thomasina and Sage Vaulters, Coyote Dancers. The accompanying drum group was Wise Spirit from Standing Rock.

      The idea of the trip was to lift morale in the homes as well as share Native dances and singing. When the dancers and singers arrived they had expected a small crowd. To the dancers and singers astonishment, it looked as though the entire town of Strasburg and Wishek turned out for the two performances.

      The event gave Sonja and the dancers an opportunity to share the meaning and history behind each dance.

      “They had the opportunity to see an aspect of our Native American culture and learn why the dances and songs are important to us,” said Sonja.

      The mood was joyous and a lot of the community members requested the group to come back again. The event concluded with members of the crowd participating in a round dance, which Sonja described as a ‘Friendship Dance.’

      For more information or to schedule an appearance by a cultural group contact Sonja Cain: 701-255-3285 x 1323, scain@uttc.edu.