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Culinary Training for Educators
By Annette Broyles, UTTC Nutrition and Foodservice Instructor/Program Director

27 August 2009

BISMARCK (UTN) - Imagine preparing and eating wonderfully seasoned entrees and soups, fresh baked pastries and breads for an entire week!

      That’s what I did over the summer to update my culinary skills.

UTTC’s Annette Broyles with Chef Heath Stone at culinary arts summer training in Denver, CO.

      I attended the culinary arts summer training for educators at the Johnson and Wales campus, Denver, CO, during the week of July 12-17.

      The training included knife skills, soups and stocks, meat cookery techniques, introduction to baking and pastry, introduction to the dining room or front of the house, nutrition, and new world cuisine.

      Each day participants were introduced to a new chef. We learned about a topic and put into practice what we learned, and finally sampled our efforts.

      In addition to updating culinary skills, I also toured the campus, discussed and used culinary equipment, learned new techniques for classroom projects and management, and networked with other participants.

      Other educators at the training were from Arizona, California, Colorado, Idaho, Minnesota, Missouri, Nevada, North Dakota, Texas, Washington and Wyoming.

      During the week, Johnson and Wales treated us to dinner out at Solera Restaurant in Denver, and to Aji Latin American Restaurant in Boulder.

      I plan to share what I learned by incorporating the information from the training into my existing classes. I also plan to add an additional culinary class to the Foodservice/Culinary Arts major at UTTC.