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Outdoor community art project to start Friday at United Tribes
28 August 2013

BISMARCK (UTN) - With the help of college students and people from the community, a Japanese artist will begin work Friday, August 30 on a large-scale outdoor sculpture just inside the entrance to United Tribes Technical College.

Kato's "Pull and Raise" project in 2011 in the Taira-Toyoma district of Iwaki, Fukushima Prefecture, Japan

      Tsubasa Kato is an installation artist whose "Pull and Raise" sculptures have involved communities in Japan and Europe. This one at United Tribes is said to be his first in the United States.

      "We are very excited to work with Kato and his team," says Dustin Thunder Hawk, UTTC recruiter and coordinator of the project. "To be successful, we need help from the community. The public is welcome and invited to participate."


      Kato's projects involve the construction of a large wooden structure. When finished, the sculpture is hoisted upright with long ropes by many volunteers. Approximately 200 will be needed for this project, says Thunder Hawk.

      Perhaps Kato's most well known piece was at Fukushima, Japan. He and volunteers built a model of a lighthouse destroyed by the 2011 tsunami. It was made with lumber salvaged from the devastated surroundings.


      Assembly of the United Tribes "Pull and Raise" sculpture begins Friday, August 30 at 12 noon on the east side of the United Tribes Skill Center building.

      At 1 p.m. Kato is scheduled to visit with UTTC Art/Art Marketing students in the art studio in the Skill Center. Others are welcome to attend.

      It will take about six days to assemble the 33-foot-tall structure. The community pull and raise event is set for Saturday, September 7 at 5 p.m., during the United Tribes International Powwow.

      Volunteers are invited from local colleges and throughout the community. For more information, please contact Dustin Thunder Hawk 701-214-7726, dthunderhawk@uttc.edu.

      The event is sponsored by United Tribes, Last Real Indians.com, and the artist Tsubasa Kato. Learn more about Kato here: http://katoutsubasa.com.


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