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Itan'chan Hall students rise to leadership/responsibility challenge
31 August 2004
by Jesi Silbernagel

A group of Itan'chan Hall students were rewarded for their leadership and responsibility this summer with a fun trip to a Minnesota amusement park.

      At the start of summer term, Russell Swagger, Dean of Student and Campus Services, challenged the students in the Itan'chan Hall co-ed dorm, to avoid the problem of drugs and alcohol. During a listening session with students, Swagger urged them to follow the rules and refrain from coming onto campus while under the influence of drugs and alcohol. And he added an incentive.

Itan'chan Hall leaders riding the 'Wild Thing' roller coaster
Riding the "Wild Thing" roller coaster, UTTC Itan'chan Hall leaders earned a trip to Valley Fair over the summer by remaining alcohol and drug free.

      "If you make it until summer school is finished with zero violations, you'll be rewarded," Swagger told the students.

      The students agreed and they picked as their reward a trip to Valley Fair, an amusement park at Shakopee, MN.

      The students accomplished the task with zero violations, remaining drug and alcohol free throughout the summer school session. They and the housing staff chipped in with fundraisers to supplement funding for the trip paid by the College.

      The students really lived up to the name of their dorm "Itan'chan," which means Leader.

      Another incentive trip is being planned for Fall Semester.


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