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Nutrition and Foodservice Students Promote "5 A Day" at the Parade
20 September 2004
Story by Annette Broyles, UTTC photo by Jessica Simpson

BISMARCK, ND - A popular entry in the United Tribes Parade of Champions/Folkfest Parade on Saturday, September 11, was the Nutrition and Foodservice students promoting "5 A Day the United Tribes Way".

Food Service Students

      Five students from the vocation were dressed in fruit and vegetable costumes, including a pea pod, corn cob, strawberry, apple and a pumpkin.

      Spectators, young and old, were excited when they realized that the students were passing out fresh fruit to further pass along their message to eat at least five fruits and vegetables each day.

      Students participating were Aaron LaBlanc, Besty Small Jumper, Luanne Perkins, Martha (Lil) Trottier, and Eric Flood. They were joined by their instructors Wanda Agnew, Suzy Thorson, and Annette Broyles.

      Students also passed out fans promoting the Together, Sharing Food Safely project that was developed at United Tribes by Pat Aune. United Tribes is a 5 Plus 5 Community.


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