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Baird receives high honor
20 September 2005

Dr. Phil Baird

Wearing the evidence of a feather tying ceremony, Phil Baird, dean of Academic Services, admires a gift presented August 31 by the United Tribes faculty at program in his honor. "Like the three horses, sometimes you take the lead, sometimes you are in our midst supporting us, and sometimes you follow," said Leah Hamann, Early Childhood Education instructor, in presenting the bronze sculpture. "By that you epitomize what good leadership is about." The program recognized Baird's honorary Doctorate from Sinte Gleska University. Humbled by the honor and recognition, Baird said he grew up around horses and recalled that once he cut school to go riding. "When I told an elder horseman what I'd done, he said, 'school is always in session'. I came to understand that education is a lifelong learning process."


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