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United Tribes to receive funds for cafeteria renovation
23 September 2008

WASHINGTON – The U.S. Housing and Urban Development Department announced September 9 that United Tribes Technical College (UTTC) is among seven Tribal Colleges and Universities to receive funding to expand, renovate, and equip their own facilities, improve student housing, and support construction of new facilities.

      Under HUD’s Tribal Colleges and Universities Program (TCUP) UTTC will receive $745,200 to renovate and expand the college cafeteria on the campus in Bismarck.

      UTTC has deemed the project an institutional priority because student enrollment has increased by 173 percent since 2002. The increase in the number of students and their children has caused the cafeteria to be overcrowded.

      The expansion will: increase physical capacity in the existing cafeteria by 3,500 square feet; increase the number of persons that can be seated during meal times by 161 persons (from 150 to 311 individuals); increase space available for food preparation and serving; increase space available for cooking appliances and storage; eliminate the need for adult students and children to wait in long lines in harsh weather conditions; enable cafeteria staff to serve larger numbers of adult students and children simultaneously; and enable UTTC to effectively meet the nutritional demands of its ever-increasing student population.

      Senators Byron Dorgan and Kent Conrad and Congressman Earl Pomeroy praised the award.

      “UTTC is one of the top tribal colleges in the country, and we know they’re looking to expand,” the North Dakota Congressional Delegation said in a joint statement. “This funding should help them in those efforts as well as bolster efforts to increase community outreach to reservations and the surrounding Bismarck-Mandan area.”

      All seven TCUP awards totaled $5 million. Most of the other colleges serve remote areas where reservation residents depend heavily on the education, counseling, health, and employment services they offer.

      “These institutions of higher learning are critical to the health and vitality of their communities,” said Steve Preston, US Housing and Urban Development Secretary. “HUD and these tribal colleges and universities are working hand-in-hand to improve their facilities so they can continue to be a vital resource for their students, faculty and the communities they serve.”

Other Tribal College and University TCUP funding:
Bay Mills Community College, Brimley, MI, $504,800 to resolve the lack of dedicated classroom space for its health and fitness curriculum, and provide space for future expansion to address growing enrollment and community programming; Salish Kootenai College, Pablo, MT, $750,000 to build a new campus bookstore; Institute of American Indian Arts, Santa Fe, NM, $750,000 to equip its new Foundry and Sculpture Center and the New Media Arts Center; Tohono O’odham Community College, Sells, AZ, $750,000 to build “’Al Ki:ki – Little Houses,” four duplexes, each of which will contain two units, for a total of seven one-bedroom apartment units and one multipurpose meeting room unit; Northwest Indian College, Bellingham, WA, $750,000; to construct a new Center for Student Success and undertake renovations and maintenance of existing facilities; College of Menominee Nation, Keshena, WI, $750,000 to implement phase two construction of an academic library project.