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Standing Against Hate in Leith, ND
23 September 2013

SENDING A MESSAGE: Chase Iron Eyes (Standing Rock), Last Real Indians, delivered the message that hate groups are not welcome in North Dakota. Iron Eyes led a group of 150 Native people, including United Tribes students, staff and members of the campus community, to the tiny town of Leith.

      The National Socialist Movement, a white supremacist group, is attempting to take over the village of fewer than two dozen people, which is 30 miles from Standing Rock.

      "Leith is well within the 1868 Treaty territory and that means it's in our country, the Lakota Nation," said Iron Eyes. "We're not trying to be the aggressor to anybody. We're only here to defend women and children in our homeland from aggression. That's all we’ve ever done since the days of Sitting Bull."

      Upwards of 350 people were in Leith on September 22 when the white supremacists held a public meeting to sway local residents.

Photos DENNIS J. NEUMANN<>United Tribes News

Click here to listen to MP3 audio of Chase Iron Eyes talking


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