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Ted Kennedy visit remembered
25 September 2009

WARM RECEPTION: Those who were there recalled that people were packed like sardines in the United Tribes cafeteria for Senator Edward Kennedy. The late Massachusetts Senator stopped at ‘Tribes’ in November 1971 while in Bismarck for an event at the Kennedy Center building. Fond memories of him were stirred recently at the time of his passing in late August. Seated with Kennedy is Ralph Ware, at left, and United Tribes Executive Director Dale Little Soldier, in the striped suit. Senator Quentin Burdick is seen in another photo. North Dakota Congressman Arthur A. Link was there too, as was Kennedy’s wife Joan, though not pictured. One person recalled that the Kennedy’s had the kind of charisma of movie stars. And with all the people in the room, the Secret Service agents were so nervous they stood up on chairs, though nothing more than well wishes passed in the many handshakes. United Tribes photos