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26 August 2011

Honor Roll
Theodore Jamerson Elementary School
4th Quarter 2010-11 Academic Year

Grade 4
Trevin Yazzie 3.0, Daeshaun Strong Heart 4.0, Kobe McKay        3.75, Sage Bird Horse 3.0, Tyra Lends His Horse 3.75, Kendall Skinner 3.0
Grade 5
Tayla Blaine 3.83, MarLynn Cloud 4.0, Rocio Chapman 3.1, Devin Benson 3.17, Marques High Elk 3.67, Kasa Lohnes 3.5, Kaeleigh Cain 3.17, Gwyneth High Elk    3.67, Talyn Shelltrack 3.0, Mayan Fox 3.67, Tayson Long Feather            3.5
Grade 6
Chad Derby 4.0, Trevan Long Feather 4.0, JoLynn Windy Boy 3.4, Elissya Feather Earring 3.0, Kaylean Lohnes 3.4, Mary Charboneau 3.6
Grade 7
Marlaysia Cloud 3.8, Elijah Feather Earring 3.8, Hayden Strong Heart 3.2, Shanna Douglas 3.2, Hallie McDaniel 3.4, Shyla McKenzie 3.4, Cinnamon Arpan 3.0, Shelrae Longie 3.2, Randal Eagle Shield 3.0
Grade 8
Zachary Burdick 4.0, Marques Has Horns 3.6, Briarrose Little Bird 3.0, Kennedy Foote 3.2, Ebony Cook 3.2
– Glenna Mueller, TJES

Fall term just ahead

GETTING READY: Anita Green (Three Affiliated), a teacher in the 21st Century Program, places books on shelves July 8 in the new classroom for the TJES Reading and Math Center. The RMC was involved in a space reorganization over summer that moved the center into one of the school’s new, modular units. Instructors in the RMC provide extra reading and math intervention daily for TJES students. Fall classes are scheduled to get under way August 15. In background, RMC teacher Brenda Rhone.

DENNIS J. NEUMANN United Tribes News

August 1        Office Opens for Student Registration
August 10      Staff Returns for Orientation
August 15      CLASSES BEGIN


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