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Summer Walking Club miles reported
By Tamera Marshall, Strengthening Lifestyles Program
27 September 2010

BISMARCK (UTN) - In conjunction with the Measuring up to Good Health Program, the Summer Walking Club had 25 active members. Each walked at least one mile per day between May 18 and August 10. One mile is equivalent to one time around the outer road on campus, or 30 minutes of walking on the treadmill. They recorded their time and distance at the designated sign-in areas to keep track of their miles.

      Thank you to all active participants who honestly tracked their miles throughout the summer! You’ve all done a great job at improving your health and well being.

Walking Club Results:

      Steven Myers 94.87, Joey McLeod 79.75, Christa Cutler 38.9, Julie Beston 33.5, Tom Red Bird 24, Flora Eagle Chasing 22.5, Buffy Cartwright 18, Norton Martza 16.25, Leilani H. 12.3, Julie Cain 9.1, Ruth Buffalo-Zarazua 5.6, Fabian Lohnes 5, Jennifer Young Bear 4.2, Tamera Marshall 4.2, Warren Giago 4.2, Delmar Clown 4.2, Rose HR 3.9, Danielle Dragswolf 3.8, Leah Gault 3.5, Ashley Ross 3, Loren Montour 1.5, April Three Fingers 1.4, Andrew Russell 1.4, Michelle Fox 1.4, Star Silk 1.4

DID YOU KNOW – Walking 20 minutes/Day

  • Burns 7lbs. of body fat a year
  • Helps control your appetite
  • Elevates mood
  • Increases your energy & productivity
  • Spurs intellectual creativity & problem solving
  • Helps relieve stress
  • Lowers high blood pressure
  • Raises your metabolism and you burn calories faster even while you rest
  • Improves posture & flexibility
  • Promotes healthier skin
  • Strengthens your muscles & bones
  • Improves efficiency of your heart & lungs
  • Helps promote restful sleep
  • Assists in the treatment of depression

      Walking one hour a day is associated with cutting your risk of heart disease, breast cancer, colon cancer, diabetes and stroke.


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