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Vocational interest emerges over summer
By Annette E. Broyles, Nutrition and Foodservice Instructor/Department Chair

27 September 2010

BISMARCK (UTN) - Summer is a time when learning continues for some lucky and dedicated United Tribes students. For one student in the Nutrition and Foodservice vocation, an experience over summer crystallized his enthusiasm for research and learning about diabetes.

      Jamie Cameron (Standing Rock) participated in an eight week summer internship at the Agricultural Research Service (ARS) in Grand Forks, ND. While there, his strong interest in a disease he suffers from became evident to Human Nutrition Research Center Director Dr. Gerald Combs and the center staff.

Jamie Cameron with Dr. Jerry Combs during Jamie’s summer internship in Grand Forks. Photo courtesy Leah Whigham

      According to Combs, Jamie initially selected a basic research project for his internship. But his mentor, Dr. Leah Whigham, soon saw his passion for diabetes awareness and prevention.

      The two developed a second project focusing on diabetes: what it is, the warning signs, how to prevent it, and how to get tested. It meant that, in addition to his original research project, Jamie spent a lot of time investigating public health information and delivery mechanisms related to diabetes, wrote Combs in praise of Jamie’s work to United Tribes.

      Jamie prepared a PowerPoint, which he presented to the center staff. It was a clear discussion of the signs and symptoms of diabetes and the strategies for preventing it and for mediating its consequences, wrote Combs. He also prepared a poster that he will be able to use at UTTC and Standing Rock to help inform people about diabetes.

      According to the ARS staff, there are two potential job opportunities that could figure in Jamie’s future: one with NDSU Extension Service and another with the Standing Rock Community Health Representatives.

      “The magical thing about teaching…is that the teacher benefits as much as the student. That was surely the case this summer,” wrote Combs. “It was a pleasure for us to have a role in Jamie’s education. We all hope very much that he will complete his program at UTTC, as he as a gift to share with others – his passion, now perhaps better informed than before, about diabetes prevention.”

      Jamie is scheduled to participate in October with his poster presentation at the First Americans Land-grant College Organization and Network (FALCONS) conference in Minneapolis.

Other Summer Experiences

      During the first summer school session (May to July) two students completed hands on practicum hours. Nutrition and Wellness major Ron His Horse Is Thunder Jr. completed a 150 hour foodservice practicum in the deli at Cashwise Foods in Bismarck. Kathleen Brown, Foodservice/Culinary Arts major, completed a 150 hour practicum in the foodservice kitchen of the Waterford, a Bismarck seniors living community. And in July, Annette Broyles, Nutrition and Foodservice instructor and department chair, attended a week long culinary training session that focused on pastries and baking at the Johnson and Wales University in Denver.

      Learning is lifelong and participating in hands-on training over the summer is invaluable to all students and instructors at United Tribes.


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