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Welcome on Your Road of Success
By Phil Baird, Vice President, Academic, Career, and Technical Education

29 September 2010

BISMARCK (UTN) - On behalf of our UTTC faculty and support staff, we welcome the students and new faculty members to the Fall 2010 semester of United Tribes Technical College.

      Key word for this new academic year: Perseverance - the value and effort of working hard toward accomplishing a goal.

      For the 2010-11 session, at least two key goals for UTTC are: 1) student success, and 2) continued accreditation of UTTC by the NCA-Higher Learning Commission. Both have huge implications for our future as a Tribal technical college.

      For our students, perseverance can translate into receiving valuable knowledge, skills and experiences that will serve as building blocks for a successful future. This can be getting into the workforce with a job or moving on to an advance degree program.

      For the college, perseverance will translate into achieving continued accreditation of not only existing academic programs, but also proposed baccalaureate degrees. College staff will be fine tuning UTTC’s self-study this Fall, documenting how the college is moving forward successfully as a tribally- controlled institution of higher education.

      Accomplishing these goals – achieving student success and securing renewed accreditation – will demonstrate that UTTC is the “real deal” as a premier Tribal college.

      To get there, students and staff alike will have to stay focused, work hard, deal with challenges, communicate, lend a helping hand when needed, and maintain a positive attitude. These are all part of perseverance.

      By working together, this year’s higher education journey can be fun, productive, and history-making.

      Welcome, again, to the UTTC campus community!


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