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United Tribes awarded workforce grant
1 October 2013

BISMARCK (UTN) - The North Dakota Department of Commerce has awarded $999,985 in state funding to United Tribes Technical College. The grant will support the college's development of workforce training programs for students.

      "Workforce development continues to be a major focus as we work to create more good jobs and diversify our economy," said Governor Jack Dalrymple. "Outstanding opportunities are right here in North Dakota, and providing the right education and training will continue to elevate our workforce."

      The grant to United Tribes will support UTTC's expansion of workforce training programs into the field of medical coding.

      "This is an important job currently in high demand in the regional job market," said David M. Gipp, United Tribes Technical College President.

      The UTTC award is part of $3.5 million in grants announced August 23 by the Commerce Dept. for North Dakota's five Tribal Colleges. The 2013 state legislature authorized $5 million in workforce development grants over two years for tribally controlled community colleges.

      The grants support degree or certificate-granting programs that qualify students to earn highly recruited jobs in the state. They also provide assistance to students to establish new businesses in-state that will employ North Dakotans.

      "By instructing and training Native and non-Native students, we are providing a critical need," said Gipp. "We are grateful for the opportunity to help contribute to the infrastructure of North Dakota's economy."

      The grants are administered by the Dept. of Commerce through an application process. The colleges may apply for additional funds in two subsequent rounds set for late 2013 and early 2014.

      The Tribal Colleges are required to report back to the department on expenditures, number of students assisted, graduation rates, new or improved training or other programs leading to a certificate or degree, job placement rates, rate of students assisted who seek further educational opportunities, and the number of jobs or businesses created.

      "Tribal Colleges in North Dakota continue to serve a critical role across our state in providing education and training," said Commerce Commissioner Al Anderson. "The grants will increase the colleges' ability to prepare students for our growing statewide economy."

      In addition to United Tribes, the other colleges receiving awards in the first round were: Fort Berthold Community College, New Town; Cankdeska Cikana (Little Hoop) Community College, Fort Totten; Sitting Bull College, Fort Yates; and Turtle Mountain Community College, Belcourt.

      The role of the Dept. of Commerce is to improve the quality of life for state citizens by leading efforts to attract, retain and expand wealth. Commerce serves businesses and communities statewide through committed people and partners who offer valuable programs and dynamic services.


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