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Statement of Dr. David M. Gipp, United Tribes Technical College president, regarding action by the State Board of Higher Education to extend its timeline for retiring the UND nickname and mascot:
1 October 2009

      "I am disappointed with today's action of the State Board of Higher Education.

      Extending the deadline will whip up more division and dissension among good tribal people who need unity and cooperation as they address the numerous challenges faced by tribes.

      It will also continue to unfairly burden American Indian students who are seeking a higher education at UND.

      The board shows that a majority of its members are not mindful that its educational mandate includes ALL people in North Dakota.

      They appear to be more concerned with political maneuvering to benefit vested interests associated with athletic revenues.

      Their action again calls into question the leadership of the people making policy decisions about higher education for public colleges and universities in North Dakota."