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'Inside-Out' Project at UTTC
3 October 2013

Artist JR at work at UTTC.

BISMARCK (UTN) - All the world is a canvas for the artist known by the initials "JR." During the international powwow, United Tribes joined the global participatory art project known as "Inside-Out." The bigger-than-life photos of students, staff and members of the campus community were pasted onto the college's Skill Center.

      The project was brought to campus by College Recruiter Dustin Thunder Hawk and DJ Two Bears of Standing Rock.

      Also known as "Pervasive Art," JR has installed inspirational people portraits all around the world in public locations as a way to support an idea or project or share an experience. He teamed-up with Two Bears and others from Standing Rock in 2011 to install their photos on buildings in New York City.

Artist JR at work at UTTC.

      The UTTC images are secured with a biodegradable paste and will remain on the building for as long as they withstand the elements. More info about the artist and the project:





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