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Teaching students create "I AM" posters
4 October 2007

The following writings were created by UTTC pre-service teachers in the Multicultural Education course. These are "I AM" posters, an activity that encourages students to share perspectives about themselves Leah Hamann, Teacher Education Instructor

I am a father and a husband of a family of four.
I am a student and player of the game of basketball.
I am a son and a brother of a family of four.
I am a role model for all who choose to learn.
I am a representative of all Native people.
Merrill Howling Wolf (Arikara) Three Affiliated Tribes

I am a listener and learner of my children.
I am a mother to my children and a daughter to my parents.
I am a giver of happiness and fun to my family and friends.
I am a trustful person.
I am a believer of dreams.
Marlarae Cook (Cheyenne River) Eagle Butte, SD

I am a mother and a wife, of a very loving family.
I am a student in the classroom.
I am a teacher to my children at home.
I am a good listener to everyone.
I am optimistic when it comes to my future.
Yvonne Howling Wolf (Three Affiliated Tribes) Mandaree, ND

I am a calmer of fears and a champion of truths.
I am a diva of diaper duty, mops, brooms, and dishpan hands.
I am a hardworking individual, academic and otherwise.
I am the ship, captain, and crew on the adventure of discovering my own destiny.
Kara Runs After (Cheyenne River) Eagle Butte, SD


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