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Laducer success tied to his people
4 October 2011

TOP 100 HONOR: Entrepreneur Jim Laducer (Turtle Mountain) holds an award August 29 recognizing his company as one of 100 businesses in the nation that created at least 100 jobs since receiving assistance from the U. S. Small Business Administration. He began in 1985 with a four-person operation and now employs over 350. Regional SBA Administrator Dan Hannaher, right, said Laducer’s success comes from trusting his people. “He trains them well and provides the resources for them to do their jobs effectively. And because of that, he and they are successful.” Laducer says he has retained over 90 percent of his labor force in the last 15 years. “That says a lot for our company.” His three largest enterprises are Apple Creek Country Club, Bismarck; Laducer & Associates, a data and information management service, Mandan and Belcourt; and Turtle Mountain State Bank, Belcourt, the first privately-owned American Indian bank in the U.S. “If it wasn’t for SBA lending, we could not have grown into one of the largest privately owned Indian businesses in the country,” he said.

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