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Gardens Galore!
4 October 2011

United Tribes went into gardening full force in spring-summer 2011, a limited growing season that nonetheless produced good results with above-average moisture. Seen here are some of the events and results of working with the good campus soil. Garden planning, leadership and organizing came from the college’s Land Grant Programs, under the direction of Pat Aune, with technical assistance and labor from several sectors: UTTC Maintenance Dept., Nutrition and Foodservice Program, NDSU Extension Service, Theodore Jamerson Elementary School, Strengthening Lifestyles Program, college students, and volunteers.

      “The best time to plant a tree was twenty years ago. The next best time is now.” –Chinese proverb





Charlotte McLaughlin enjoyed the September 1 dedication of Anne Kuyper Community Garden, named for her late sister-in-law.


Mike Stockert checks for level as he and Reuben Alicia, from the UTTC Maintenance Dept., plant one of 54 free fruit trees and shrubs from the on-line voting program “Communities Take Root,” sponsored by Edy’s Fruit Bars. The September 13 dedication of Dragonfly Garden also featured a tree planting and aftercare demonstration from arborist Rico Montenegro of the Fruit Tree Planting Foundation.

Junior gardeners at harvest time: Kylee White, at left, and Julie Middletent, both age 8, from TJES Grade 3.

Horticulturalist Tom Kalb, at far left, fields questions August 15 during an NDSU Extension Service tour of Dragonfly Garden. Among the plants Kalb has installed in the demonstration plot is an ornamental tobacco, in foreground.


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