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Hazard assessment course offered online by UTTC
5 October 2007

BISMARCK (UTN) – United Tribes Technical College is offering a training course online for those who work with environmental hazards in American Indian communities.

      The Indian Country Environmental Hazard Assessment Program (ICEHAP) begins October 29 and concludes December 21.

      The course was developed by United Tribes through a partnership with the U. S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and the Bureau of Indian Affairs. It is offered entirely online and is accessible by participants located anywhere in the country.

      Through web-based instruction participants are introduced to specific environmental problems that may cause harm to tribal communities. The course features a model for community based environmental problem solving.

      Participants can expect to spend about two hours a week on a variety of assignments including online research, reading, and community based surveying activities.

      For those working with tribal environmental issues the course is valuable in meeting work goals and understanding how to make the most of EPA GAP funds.

      Internet access is required along with a computer and printer. Everything needed to register is available on the UTTC website, www.uttc.edu.

      Once accepted, participants receive a user name and password to enter the online training course. Each student is provided with a textbook and a compact disc, which can be used to download the required training materials. They also receive specific step-by-step instructions.

      Cost of the training is $535 per person; all materials included.

      Everything is done online; no travel required. Participants work with others from around the country to develop solutions and strategies for addressing environmental hazard issues in their own communities.

      By the end of the eight week instruction period, students are expected to develop a work plan that can be implemented to solve one of their community’s environmental problems.

      A Certificate of Completion and five continuing education units accompany satisfactory completion.

      To participate in the course, visit the UTTC homepage, www.uttc.edu, or contact Leah Woodke 701-255-3285 x 1339, lwoodke@uttc.edu; Renee Dufault, rdufault@uttc.edu; or Jen Janecek Hartman, jjanecekhartman@uttc.edu.


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