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American Indian literature collection is educational 'Thank You'
11 October 2005

Phil Baird

Phil Baird, Wanbli Wicasa (Rosebud), UTTC Academic Dean, has expressed his appreciation for being recognized by colleagues at United Tribes Technical College. Baird was recognized with an eagle feather ceremony for receiving an honorary doctorate degree from Sinte Gleska University, a sister institution of UTTC. "Acknowledging the gesture of indigenous honoring, I am gifting to UTTC my personal American Indian literature collection I inherited from my grandmother Irene Red Owl," wrote Baird in a letter to colleagues. The 70 volume collection, listed below, will be located in the Tribal Management and Tribal Tourism programs and made accessible to students. "I offer my deepest gratitude for the honoring bestowed upon me by you and our extended family at United Tribes Technical College. Pilamayelo," he wrote.

Phil Baird Literature Collection

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Pommersheim, Frank. (1979). Reservation Street Law. (2nd Ed.). Rosebud, South Dakota.
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Ross, Allen. (1993). Ehanamani, "Walks Among". (2nd Ed.). Denver, Colorado.
Ross, Allen. (2000). Crazy Horse and The Real Reason for the Battle of the Little Big Horn. (1st Ed.). Denver, Colorado.
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