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United Tribes preparing for flu season
By Suzanne Shields, RN, Student Health Center Director
15 October 2009

      The numbers of reported flu cases in the general public tell us that the flu season has arrived. The Student Health Center is busy gearing up for the season, providing flu shots and answering questions about the H1N1 flu.


      Sixty hand sanitizers have been strategically placed across campus in high traffic areas such as dormitories, libraries, public computer labs, and other gathering spots.

      We conducted a very beneficial meeting with the UTTC Student Senate to provide information and precautionary guidelines about the H1N1 and to answer questions.

      Public health posters have been plastered across campus advising students to cover their mouth when coughing and stay home when sick.

      Approximately 200 students, staff, and faculty members have been to the Student Health Center to receive the regular seasonal flu vaccine.


      Student Health was to receive a quantity of the H1N1vaccine in the later part of October. Recipients in priority order are: pregnant women, health care providers, day care providers, law enforcement, people with chronic health problems, people ages 18-24, and then healthy people.

      If you are hesitant about the H1N1 flu shot, please remember that the benefits of receiving the flu shot far outweigh the risks associated with having this new strain of flu.

      The Student Health Center urges you to take the precautionary steps to have yourself and your family ready for the flu season.

      Feel free to contact the Student Health Center with your questions: 255-3285 x 1332, x 1247, x 1331, or x 1409.

      Thank You.